SEO Services

We offer a range of services as part of our monthly SEO solutions, but we can also help with smaller one-off issues on a a case by case basis. We can help if you have moved your site and seen a decrease in traffic, or perhaps you are aware of broken links that need to be fixed. Out SEO repair is ideal in that situation. The range of services we offer as part of our monthly SEO contracts can depend on the size of the website and how quickly issues need to be fixed. A 5 page website and 500 page website won’t take the same time to fix, or they can take the same time, but they won’t cost the same amount.

Bronze Membership


  • Site Checkup with Report
  • Improve Titles & Metadata
  • Competitor Comparison
  • Optimise Site Speed
  • Copywriting
  • Optimised Image Creation and ALT
  • Local SEO Area Targeting
  • HTML Optimisation
  • High-Quality Backlinks
  • Instal Webmasters Tools
  • Ad Google Analytics
  • Create Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other Social Media accounts as needed.

£190.00 + VAT
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Silver Membership


  • All Bronze Features, Plus:
  • Speed Improvements with CDN
  • Build Pages Faster
  • Update social media occasionally

£250.00 + VAT per month
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Gold Membership

Alt Text

  • All Bronze and Silver Plus:
  • Google Ad’s to Supplement
  • SSL Certificate
  • High-level Outreach
  • Faster Improvements
  • Full Social Media Management
  • High-Quality Site Adverts
  • Video Production
  • Infographics

£450.00 + VAT per month
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Track keywords

Target Keywords

Link Building

Local SEO

SEO Repair

Page speed improvements – CDN, Optimisation and Caching – Oh my!

HTML optimisation

Meta checks

Image optimisation & ALT tags

Image creation

Secret ingredients