Broadband providers to boost your productivity

Broadband providers can make or break your work efficiency and productivity, making it vital to choose only the best. A great broadband provider offers fast internet speeds and reliable internet for browsing, sharing files and video conferencing, ensuring your business meets its daily needs.

Written By Luke B

On 18/10/2022

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Over the last few years in the UK, we have seen a significant shift in how people work. We had massive lockdowns that forced people to work from home and opened people’s eyes to a new work-life balance.

Many companies realised that they didn’t need large, expensive offices, where many of their staff were happy to work from home – others couldn’t wait to return to the shared space the office brought. But almost everyone realised how important their broadband was.

Whether it was Zoom calls, Teams, or FaceTime meetings, we all started putting a lot more strain on our home and business broadband, and we all needed more and better broadband than we ever had before. And now, more than ever, finding the best broadband is crucial to your productivity and sanity.

Finding a dependable broadband provider for your business is crucial to increasing productivity and output. Unfortunately, with so many providers to choose from, selecting one can be challenging and overwhelming. Keep reading to learn some of the best broadband providers for your business’s internet needs.

What are the best broadband providers?

The best broadband providers refer to suppliers that offer reliable internet speeds and connectivity for online use. Whether your business depends heavily on the internet for video conferencing or uses it sparingly for browsing, you need a provider that offers fast download speeds and ultra-fast connections. Ideally, the best internet provider addresses your specific internet needs while providing fast speeds and connections.

Who are the best broadband providers in the UK?

There are currently around 200 internet providers in the UK, giving you plenty of options. However, the largest and most competitive include:

  • BT
  • TalkTalk
  • Sky Broadband
  • Plusnet
  • Vodafone
  • EE
  • Virgin Media
  • Zen Internet
  • Post Office

Which broadband provider is right for me?

Every business has its own unique needs when it comes to the internet and online use. For example, if you regularly download and share large files and documents, you need a provider offering ultra-fast download speeds. Alternatively, if you’re a small business working with a small budget, finding a broadband provider offering affordable packages is crucial to saving money.

So, when finding the right broadband provider for your business, it’s essential to assess what you need. There’s no single option that’s best for everyone. Create a list of your internet requirements and use this to find a supplier that meets them.

If speed is your main concern, consider providers such as BT and Virgin Media, which offer speeds of 900Mbps and 1140Mbps, respectively. BT, Virgin Media, Sky Broadband and EE are excellent choices if you want exceptional customer service. If you’re searching for affordable deals, some of the best companies to look at are TalkTalk, Plusnet and Sky Broadband.

Comparing broadband packages

Before settling on any broadband package, compare deals from various suppliers. This helps you find great deals and save time and money. When comparing deals, look at cost, customer service, average download speed, contract length and reliability. Some companies may offer affordable deals but at shorter contract lengths, which tends to become more expensive in the long run. Others may offer exceptional customer service but slow speeds that make daily browsing hectic.

Take time to compare broadband providers to find one that offers exceptional services. You can compare broadband providers in your region here:


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